Marathi Keyboard

1. ISM Marathi Keyboard layout

ISM Marathi keyboard layout is widley used in Maharastra for Marathi Typing Test. It's much similer to krutidev layout. It's also known as Marathi typewriter layout. Here we are provding keymapping image of ISM Marahti Keyboard.

ISM Marathi keyboard

2. Marathi Kruti Dev font Keyboard layout

The krutidev font is a Devnagari font used for typing in Hindi as well as Marathi. See the below layout for krutidev typing it is also know as Remington Keyboard layout it is similar as type writer machines. The latest vacancy in Bombay High Court junior clerk and Steno Declare to use Krutidev font for typing test.

Marathi Keyboard KrutiDev

Keyboard Layout with English Key Map



You will see all the Marathi Characters are not on the Keyboard, Some character are typed by using some special character code with Alt key. The list of That character is given Below:

Click Here for Special Alt Character code in Krutidev Font 

3. Marathi Shivaji Font keyboard layout

Shivaji font is most common font for Marathi Typing. Given below is Marathi Typing Keyboard layout for Shivaji font.

shivaji font keyboard layout

4. Marathi Kiran Font keyboard layout

Marathi typing is very easy to type with the following keyboard. The process is very simple, User can find marathi character alongwith english key on qwerty keyboard, Take a look at keyborad image below. This is the Marathi typing keyboard layout for and kiran font, the most popular font in marathi typing.

Marathi kiran font keyboard layout

Some character that are not showing on keyboard are types with the combination of Alt and some key code, Special character code for marathi font are given in Table:


Chandrabindu Alt and 0208
Fullstop Alt and 0186
For = (equal sign) Alt and 0196
Comma Alt and 0130
Bracket open Alt and 0179
Bracket close  Alt and 0180
Oblique(\)  Alt and 0210
Slash(/) Alt and 0192
Semicolon Alt and 0194
Small dash Alt and 0150
Long dash Alt and 0151
Question mark Alt and 0198
Exclamation mark Alt and 0209
3 dot "..." Alt and 0133
For  % Alt and 0137
For 1/4  Alt and 0188
For 1/2  Alt and 0189
For 3/4 Alt and 0190

5. Marathi Inscript Keyboard Layout

Inscript keyboard is standard by india government for marathi typing Take a look at Marathi inscript typing keyboard layout. The typing in Inscript keyboard is using unicode.

Setting up and enable Marathi Inscript keyboard Guide

Marathi Inscript Kyeboard

5. Marathi Phonetic Keyboard Layout

Phonetic keyboard is working on concept of as the language speak same as typed

Marathi Phonetic Keyboard 

7. Marathi Android Keyboard App (Android Mobile App)

Now you can type in Marathi on your Android Phone also. Just download Free Marathi Typing App. See the link below to dowload and install English to Marathi App.

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