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At our portal we provide all type of Marathi fonts for free download. You can also download Marathi keyboard layout used in Marathi Typing.

Free download Shivaji font, Kiran font, Kruti Dev font, Saras, Lekhani, Liza, Lok, Maya, Nutan, Priya, Sharda, Richa etc. font:

1. Marathi Non Unicode Fonts

Marathi Language written in Devanagari script, So the all font that are used in Devanagari aka Hindi font are also used for Marathi typing. The most common Devanagari fonts are Krutidev and Devlys font. In Marathi typing Devanagari keyboard is used. Many government requires Marathi typing test also taken in krutidev font. 

  1. Free download Shivaji font
  2. Free download Kruti Dev Font
  3. Free download Marathi Shree Dev Lipi fonts Whole Series
  4. Free download Kruti Dev 055 Font
  5. Free download Akrutidev Priya Font
  6. Free download Devlys Font
  7. Free download Marathi font Kiran
  8. Free download Marathi font Saras

  9. Free download Marathi font Lekhani
  10. Free download Marathi font Liza
  11. Free download Marathi font Lok
  12. Free download Marathi font Maya
  13. Free download Marathi font Nutan
  14. Free download Marathi font Priya
  15. Free download Marathi font Sharda
  16. Free download Marathi font Richa
  17. Download 100+ Marathi Non Unicode fonts

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2. Marathi Unicode Font

After download and install Marathi Unicode Font, User can read Marathi text on any Marathi website, Marathi Language newspaper etc. To type in Marathi with Unicode fonts you have to download and install Marathi Typing Software.

  1. Marathi Unicode Font Free Download
  2. Download Marathi Unicode Font Mangal (Regular)
  3. Download Marathi Unicode Font Mangal (Bold)
  4. Download Marathi Unicode Font Aparajita (Regular)
  5. Download Marathi Unicode Font Aparajita (Bold)
  6. Download Marathi Unicode Font Aparajita (italic)
  7. Download Marathi Unicode Font Aparajita (Bold italic )

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What is Marathi Font ?

A Marathi font is the combination of typeface, size, weight, slope, and style to make up a printable or displayable set of characters. Font characters include letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks.

Difference between traditional and Unicode Marathi font ?

Traditional Marathi fonts are fonts commonly used for Marathi Typing from the arrival of computers in India. Traditional Marathi font have their own Character encoding. To be able to view content typed with Traditional Marathi fonts you need the particular font to be installed on that device.

Unicode Marathi fonts are based upon Universal Character Encoding assign to every character of writing system. Unicode fonts are portable means it is not necessary that font must be install on the device you are using. Unicode standard is maintained by Unicode consortium. For use on Web world Unicode Marathi font is best.

How to type in Marathi font ?

To type in Marathi font you need to install the font in your computer system and when you start typing select the name of Marathi font from drop down list of text editor (i.e. MS Word). You will see whatever key you pressed is typed in Marathi language. If you don't know Marathi Typing then you first need to learn Marathi Typing with Marathi Typing Tutor for Krutidev font.

How to Type in Unicode Marathi Font ?

Typing in Unicode Marathi font are different from traditional font. If you installed a Unicode Marathi font and select in MS word and start typing you will see English instead of Marathi. To type in Unicode Marathi font you will need to install a Marathi typing software.

There are lots of options and keyboards are available for type in Marathi Unicode fonts:

1. Inscript Marathi Typing - You can type in Marathi with Indian government official Inscript keyboard layout for Marathi typing. You can practice Marathi Inscript keyboard with Inscript Typing Tutor or if you already know typing in Inscript you can type Marathi with online inscript keyboard.

2. Marathi typewriter (Akruti) & Remington Keyboard - These keyboards are designed for those who loved to typing with traditional typewriter keyboard. These keyboard layout is most common layout used for Marathi typing. You can learn typing with Remington Typing Tutor.

Marathi typewriter Akruti and Marathi Remington keyboard can be download from the website from download menu above.

3. English to Marathi Transcription - It's the fastest and simplest method for Unicode Marathi typing without practicing any keyboard. Just type with English keyboard and Get in Marathi Unicode font. It's also know as Marathi transliteration.

4. Marathi Speech Typing - You can also type in Marathi without keyboard. Just speak in mic and get your text typed in Marathi. Marathi voice typing is latest development in the field of Marathi typing with Unicode fonts.

Best English to Marathi typing and Translation software's is also available to use see in top menu for the link.

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