Translation is the process of translating words or text from one language into another. More specifically a written or spoken rendering of the meaning of a word or text in another language is known as Translation.

1. English to Marathi Translation

2. Marathi to English Translation

When we think for global world as a 'family' a rock barrier is came that is language problem, in India people speaks Marathi and regianal languages like Marathi, Gujarati and etc, but all works and jobs are available for persons we knows English.

So overcoming such a problem we are providing free translator for English to Marathi translation and also Marathi to English translation. We are providing online tool for translating sentences and text from globle languages English (The most usable language) and to Marathi and vice versa. While you are using the translation software keep in mind input accurate without grammatical mistake so the software will produce accurate translation. The software dictionary and database is continuously updates so it produces more accurate results. The software has self learning facility have learned from the result it produces. 

The software works upon the rules of grammar and produces result according to that, so to get accurate result you have to input accurate sentence in terms of grammar. 

If you want English to Marathi Typing Direct known as transliteration Click Here